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Rose Bush


"Everything that occurs teaches and prepares you for the next stage of life. Nothing is lost. " - Zig Ziglar


This stage is known as the "foundational stage". It's the first step to acknowledging something is "missing - or just isn't right."

Scenarios may include but are NOT limited to:

  • I am struggling to define my more “successful self”. Constantly asking, “Why am I  here?”-  "Why do I exist?" - "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?"

  • I am currently feeling disconnected- not totally aligned with my purpose, passion or potential.

  • I am in a position of have to re-start from scratch and it is feeling a little overwhelming.

  • I am feeling uncertain of my potential to succeed in life.

  • I am a classic introvert and I feel challenged with socializing and getting along with others, i.e. family, friends, roommates, step parents, step children, spouse, ex-spouse, co-workers, etc.

  • Personal finances are unstable and I don't currently have a game plan but know I need one. 

  • I am having a hard time maintaining a healthy relationship with my money. I find yourself emotionally spending and finding it very hard to save. 

  • I do currently feel stuck in an unbeneficial relationship or career – and I “don’t know” how or what to do in order to remove myself from it.

  •  I currently feel stagnated at one level in life due to the past – and I “don’t know” how to move forward.


This stage is known as "the structuring stage". The process can be overwhelming at times. Life can feel like it's going in circles or even backwards.

Scenarios may include but are NOT limited to:

  • Currently finding myself pleasing others and feeling drained by doing so. I struggle with telling other people “No”.

  • Feeling inconsistent in my decision making and struggling to find a stable career/relationship/hobby - because of it.

  • I tend to procrastinate often while still taking on many other agendas.

  • I tend to start things but have developed a habit of not finishing them.

  • I feel like a failure - incapable of achieving success because of how many times you’ve failed in the past.

  • I am constantly second guessing my opinions and beliefs.

  • My life doesn’t quite feel successful even though it does not appear unsuccessful to everyone else around me.

  • I find myself varying between feelings of unworthiness and dissatisfaction in one or more areas of my life.

  • Money management is not my strong suit.

  • I tend to experience feelings of social discomfort and or anxiety.



This is known as the "practice stage". Here you are still in need of some fine tuning. Your sense of “readiness’’ may be in constant questioning. As well as fully trusting yourself and your new found paths in life.

Scenarios may include but are NOT limited to:

  •  I am constantly overthinking and or over-analyzing every outcome casting a doubtful shadow over great opportunities making them seem less possible to achieve.  

  • I find myself feeling guilty and or subconscious more often.                                                                  

  •  I feel emotionally sensitive and or defensive and I am not sure how to respond to these feelings. 

  • Currently feeling trapped or stagnated in a revolving door of uncertainty

  • I am struggling with "buried down" emotions and  thoughts 

  • I am feeling guilty, anxious, and or depressed, about how much time I may have wasted in reaching clarity.

  •  I am feeling overwhelmed with how much I may have to edify and could use some organization.

  • I have managed to create some stability with my finances but know I can level up.                              

  • Sometimes I do feel like I may have too many options on the table and am struggling with which one to choose. 



This is known as the "master stage". Here you have finessed all levels of self-awareness and have gained clarity on your life’s direction.  

Scenarios may include but are NOT limited to:

  • am feeling at peace with self and where I am in life. 

  • The past no longer disturbs, overwhelms or hinders me.

  • I am committed to THE COMPLETION of my life’s goals and aspirations regardless of what obstacles may try to get in the way.

  • I no longer adopt the opinions of others because I am firm upon the one that works for me.

  • I feel well balanced in my personal and professional life.

  • I feel aware and in control of your emotions and your responses to life’s challenges.

  • I feel well balanced and in control of my Money Story and my financial future.

  • I feel I have confidence and self-assurance in my potential to overcome obstacles, adapt to roadblocks, and re-adjust to uncomfortable circumstances.


You are a ROSE, resilient, optimistic, strong and evolved. Successfully breaking through to a a MORE successful you in purpose, passion, and potential.

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