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"If anyone ever asked me what is one of the greatest lessons I have learned so far it would be that...

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE once we KNOW we are more than capable." 

- Money Coach K


The achievement of our goals is based not only on how well we manage to afford our goals but

how S.M.A.R.T the plan of action is?



The only thing between you and the achievement of your goals is access to the ACCOUNTABILITY to help you get started and to stay on track???

#GOTM IS A LEAGUE FOR COMPETITORS. Our program best serves creative entreprenuers with high ticket goals searching for a productive place to develop and grow.


We aid and support individuals and families in need of accountability for the achievement of financial goals aswell.


This program has essentially been created to cure all levels of "Money Depression", by mastering growth management via a healthy money mindset, behavior and skillset.

MONEY may be the topic but WE - as in you and me- are the FOCUS.

For 12 weeks, we focus on identifying our core Money Mindset type, and customizing the S.M.A.R.T. plan of action to bridge the gap between EXECUTION and completion.

Why Accept the Money Challenge?

ACCEPT THE MONEY CHALLENGE when you no longer desire to feel stuck, stale and stagnated by doing the most on your own. 


ACCEPT THE MONEY CHALLENGE to uncover the self-sabotages taking affect in your life like procrastination, overthinking, or simply just not feeling "good enough" in order to over come it with empowered action.


ACCEPT THE MONEY CHALLENGE to get clear on your SUPER POWERS and yes, to get held accountable to completing your greatest goals by becoming the person you believe you are good enough and more than capable of becoming.

ACCEPT THE MONEY CHALLENGE because YOU have a C.H.A.M.P mindset who is ready to break through the anxiety, uncertainty, and self doubt - activate the confidence to achieve your goals on the NEXT LEVEL.



Our 12 week- Get on Track Movement- Accountability program is fit for those ready to put thier capabilities to the test, and achieve the most rewarding goals. 

Accepting the "Money Challenge" is accepting accountability to improve and advance current mindsets, behaviors, and skillsets connected to the ultimate achievement of our personal/professional goals within a set timeframe. 

Success does not have to take all day and forever. However, results do vary and are not guaranteed beyond an individual's commitment to consistently complete the necessary actions required to cross the finish-line!

Together we COMPETE to be the fastest to claim the POT of GOALS! Competitors are in the running to potentially win up to $100k in qualfied grants, and scholarships in addition to RANK BONUSES to grow what you know & earn what you learn.

Join our Accountability Team Today!

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Are You Feeling Depressed Because of Your Finances?

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