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60 Minute Discovery Session

Let's Discover what great business ideas you've been hiding

and let's work together to design a S.M.A.R.T plan of action to  help you go from SAHM or woman with a dream to

Boss Lady!

"Peace and Blessings Beautiful Soul"



"I would love to encourage a call with me.

There is only so much one can truly LEARN or EARN via such a tiny box.


However, if this is where the conversation must start.

Let's make it a powerful one.

If I may, please allow me to INSPIRE the reader in you for the next few minutes as I take some guesses at some questions I think you would ask.


As I write this letter...YOU are known from this point forward as "The ONE".


To "The ONE" who has clicked to meet. 



Looking for something that proves without a shadow of a doubt that I am someone "The ONE" - should connect with, potentially invest in to help achieve said goals?

(Insert GOALS HERE). 

Well, in summary, if you haven't noticed.

I am that WOMAN. :) 

But not just any woman. No...

A woman who enjoys with a passion bringing the MAGIC out of people. 


It's a PRACTICE like any Health and wellness focus.  


I learned and continue to learn in stages and in every SEASON there is a testimony to my personal and professional growth as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur.


Every part of my life, and coaching methods has been shaped and molded from lessons learned and as an old school saying goes, "Blessings earned". 

What kind of lessons?

Oh, the common kind...

Lessons learned in failure, resilience, opposition, competition, healing, and empowerment. 

My journey starts out as a young mom, 19 years old, living a life of what I defined as a

Concrete Rose. 

Poetically facing challenges and learning how to overcome them.

Facing and overcoming the challenges with owning my worth.

Facing and overcoming the challenges with managing my time.

Facing and overcoming the challenges with managing my finances.

Facing and overcoming the challenges with owning my life's experiences.


Facing and overcoming challenges with managing suicide depression and anxiety both as a black woman and as a young, inexperienced stay at home mom.

So how did I make the practical transition??

Is that what "The ONE" is looking for? 

Awareness training helped me to tap into a specialized skillset in MANAGEMENT.

That taught me how to love, accept, and trust GOD and myself  to make the decisions that support who and what I was and am always becoming. 

Managment by definition is 1. the process of dealing or controlling things or people.

It is a skill to master personally and professionally especially, when it comes to managing healing and growth. 


This is a skillset we all ought to be trained in and accounted for while in school.


IMAGINE this with me for a second. If more of US knew how to activate our healing and growth capabilities on automatic by learning how to master the skill of managment in the ways that best influences, impacts and profits the achievement of our goals and dreams.

You tell me...


I have learned the true worth, the same worth we have learned to place on money is in fact found within our tradebale gifts, talents and knowledge.


However, the TRUE challenge that most of us face is how well we EXPRESS these gifts, and talents. Consistently andThat is exactly why we invest in the training, and if you're anything like me the accountability to help us express ourselves consitently and confidently because doing it on our own sometimes can only get us so far. 

I am grateful to say I have accepted the challenge and have learned how to turn accountability into a tool that has opened many doors to grand opportunities...


Like what has led "The ONE" and I- to connect. Here and now, in this very moment.


So, how do we relate??

I understand what it is like to be the woman with so much power and potential only to put it on the shelf to accommodate the stability of her family and or others. To have the desire to contribute but feel short of this power and or influence.


I also know how it feels to feel like an imposter - "a black sheep"- but in truth be a creative designed for great things.Yet be blocked and stagnated by fear, doubt, guilt, false starts, and past failures. 

I found and learned how to implement a customizeable process that helps form a bridge to close these gaps. Formed in steps taken towards succcess vs away from it.

A mentorship for success that is physical as it is mental, spiritual and financial.

Some may call the experience wholistic.


One step is practicing giving ourselves the only permission WE need to give ourselves which is: REPEAT out loud: "I give myself the permission to be powerful, creative and financially independent on my own terms."


If "The ONE" has decided starting a business or to heal and grow self for the better achievement of  achieving goals then simply said... "The ONE" and I have got some teaming up to do.


Wouldn't "The ONE" agree? (Don't forget that is YOU my friend. :)

Making it this far, something must be making sense.

But is it enough? Are these words enough?


Enough... to invite "The One", to stop doing it alone or halfway?

Is it enough... to reassure and inspire TRUST and safety to allow the transformation to happen through this connection?

Since words can only go but so far...

LET'S CONNECT & put the truth... to the ultimate test.

Let's Work - Let's Build - Let's GROW- Let's Go... 

Looking forward to our Zoom chat!

Your Coach and Teammate

Money Coach K."

"It takes Resilience, Optimism, and Strength to EVOLVE." said the Rose

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Let's Get Started!
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